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We offer you high quality adhesive labels at the best price, full-color, Die-cut on a sheet for easy detachment and variety of materials.

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Hand out fun sticker for laptops, water bottles and more

Looking for an easy way to be remembered long after your next trade show, event or customer interaction? Distribute stickers in a variety of shapes and designs that depict your business name and / or logo. You'll never go forgotten with this wonderful gift!

When your stickers arrive, just start peeling them off and stick them wherever you like. You can use them to seal envelopes, name tags, shopping bags, cartons and boxes.

And just like our business cards and other products, there is an option to customize each stickers - which means that each custom sticker or label in your order can be different. Customize stickers with your logo, photos or message for any occasion.

Use stickers to let people know who you are

Mark every bottle, box or laptop even with your own logo or brand. Stickers are a simple and reliable way of showing who you are on any product. Use them to promote yourself in cheap and creative ways. We have a selection of different materials, shapes and sizes so our stickers can fit any product or place they need to!

Templates and design of stickers

Feeling creative? If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, let your creativity run wild and make stickers with your own patterns and designs. Using our online editor, you can add whatever text and images you want to a variety of templates of different shapes and sizes. Want to know how?

Just choose the shape you want - small and large, rectangular and round sticker templates. You can also change the design by uploading your own images. We will then print and deliver your custom stickers within 1 to 4 business days.

How to order your stickers in a few steps:

1. First, choose the template you prefer for your custom stickers.

2. Specify the dimensions.

3. Choose the type of paper - matte, glossy, without laminate.

4. Click the "upload file" buttons to open our easy-to-use editing platform.

5. Save your work, choose the number you want to print, and you're done!

Why order stickers from HappyPrinting

Our stickers can be glued on slightly curved surfaces. They have a matt or glossy finish to protect against scratches, tears and abrasions, and the strong adhesive prevents peeling and lifting. The stickers are available individually with an easy-to-peel backing.

Clear printing makes your design stand out - and the durable material on which they are printed makes them suitable for placing them on paper bags, laptops, water bottles and more.

With a minimum order quantity of just 10, you can test a new, bold approach to your brand - either customize your sticker with event-specific information or seasonal activity without worrying about unnecessary costs.

Do not put stickers on vinyl, as it is not easy to remove from this material.

Buy stickers at an affordable price

Don't settle for cheap stickers that are difficult to peel off the pad, fade and don't last. Order your first-class personalized stickers at a good price from HappyPrinting. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our stickers are delivered for free and will arrive in 1-4 business days. If you are looking for stickers that can be easily removed, ours are just that. Not only will they peel off, but they won't leave any ugly marks or glue residue.




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Jhenz Hosana

This is my first online order from Glee Printing. They were so professional to work with and catered my rush order within 2 days. I'm very pleased with the quality of my Synthetic Printed Road Map despite of the large format. (...)




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Randell Nido

this is my first online printing order, and everything went smoothly, from excellent customer support, ordering process, high-quality prints, and on-time delivery. Glad that I found Glee Printing and would love to recommend them.




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Cristina Sempron

your in a good service, very accommodating, very fast transaction,and the products is very nice and neat and clean about their printing. I love it! Thank you so much GleePrinting God bless you always


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