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If you want to send something personal, do it with a self-designed postcard or greeting card. Create a printed postcard with a unique design in the online editor of GleePrintin, then order quickly!

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Thank You Cards  (4 x 3 inch) Show work drawing source file

We would appreciate it if we would get your print-files as follows:

  • With encapsulated fonts or the text in outlines
  • Full-colour (4/0 - 4/4) print-files always created in CMYK
  • When using PMS colours, please use Uncoated PMS colours
  • No use of transparencies, layers, and overprints and always with bleed
  • Images need a minimum resolution of 300 DPI
  • Borders will only be printed after written approval

See our Delivery Specifications for more details on how to deliver your print-file(s) to us.


Show your appreciation in style with thank you cards

Let’s make that “thank you” really mean something. Whether you’re reflecting on a birthday, wedding or random act of kindness, handwritten thank you cards are the perfect way to express gratitude. Our collection of custom thank you cards is intended to help you design a card as unique as you. Discover options for a variety of events, from wedding thank you cards to business options – each fully customizable to include photos, custom text and more. In our design gallery, you can browse all our thank you card templates together, or you can filter by style, color and more. Once you’ve found an option you love, add text, monograms or photos. Then place your order and let us take care of the rest. Your personalized thank you cards will be professionally printed, packaged and sent to you – ready to use and ready to delight each recipient.

Create your very own thank you cards

Do you want to send something for which you do not need a cover letter? Then consider a thank you card. These cards are often tucked into an envelope, without having to type a long letter first. Ideal for a short note and yet very personal. At HappyPrinting you determine the size of your thank you cards yourself. We digitally print these cards for you. This gives you a choice of different paper types.

Print your thank you cards

It is a small effort, but it has a huge positive effect: a thank you. What better way to get this across than by sending a thank you card. You should see it as a small thank you to the customer. What about printing thank you cards to send them along with orders as a thank you? A very nice surprise for the recipient! Show your appreciation with a personalized card. 100% success guaranteed.

Why order from HappyPrinting?

HappyPrinting provides you with high quality full color thank you card printing in CMYK or even Pantone colors. To provide you with this service, we work with professional devices that guarantee the high quality of the final product.

The variety of materials we offer guarantees its long-term use. You don't have to worry about the material turning yellow. It will retain its properties for as long as possible so that it works smoothly for you when communicating with customers and other businesses.

Need to get new thank you cards very urgently? You can take advantage of our option for express delivery and receive your final product only a day after the order. If you have more time, take advantage of our free delivery service to an address within 5 working days after ordering.

HappyPrinting offers you printing of thank you cards at prices that are fully compliant with the market. Thanks to our competitive prices, you can get even more forms for your company, and it is completely profitable! Working with the HappyPrinting editor is easy, and the results will bring you even more brand awareness and many more satisfied customers!



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This is my first online order from Glee Printing. They were so professional to work with and catered my rush order within 2 days. I'm very pleased with the quality of my Synthetic Printed Road Map despite of the large format. (...)




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this is my first online printing order, and everything went smoothly, from excellent customer support, ordering process, high-quality prints, and on-time delivery. Glad that I found Glee Printing and would love to recommend them.




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your in a good service, very accommodating, very fast transaction,and the products is very nice and neat and clean about their printing. I love it! Thank you so much GleePrinting God bless you always


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