What is eco-friendly printing?

Go green this year! Whether you are looking for printed matter for individuals or for your company, environmentally friendly printing is a step in the right direction. Eco-friendly printing is something that anyone, even businesses, can implement right away to produce beautiful printed materials.


Environmentally Friendly Printing

So what is eco-friendly printing? It uses several innovations in the three main elements of the printing process – the printing technology, the ink, and the printing materials – to reduce the impact on our environment. These green technologies help to reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption during the printing process. It also helps to reduce printing costs while saving the planet.

Print Technology
More and more environmentally friendly printing technologies are emerging. We are always looking for a way to use fast and efficient printing methods that consume less energy and create less waste.

Waterless printing, for example, is an improvement over traditional offset printing, which uses water to create non-images on the printed matter. It produces VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds and other hazardous substances as waste. Waterless printing eliminates all of that.

Instead of water, Waterless Printing uses a layer of silicone to repel the ink. This technique does not emit VOCs, which reduces run time and waste, resulting in brighter colors and better images.

Green Ink
Petroleum or plastic based inks contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Eco-friendly printing provides a non-polluting alternative ink. This ink uses organic ingredients such as soy or vegetables in its production.

Soy-based inks are a good alternative that resembles the effect of petroleum-based inks, but without the toxic side effects. Some claim it produces brighter colors compared to other inks.

Another well-known environmentally friendly ink is made from vegetables. However, it is more expensive than soy-based inks and is slightly more expensive.

Print Material
There are many innovations in environmentally friendly printing and the materials used. These products come from recycled or other sustainable material that is 100% degradable or recyclable. The materials used come from sustainable suppliers and use little to no chemicals in the process.

Recystar Nature Eco-Flyers, for example, look like normal, raw flyers, but are made from 100% recyclable fibres. The recyclable Bio Top Paper, on the other hand, is made from a chlorine-free bleaching process with no optical bleaching agents.

In addition to paper, you can also print other products, such as banners and photo tiles, in an environmentally friendly way. For example, we offer 100% PVC-free Roll-up Banners, with a selection of environmentally friendly products. These banners are made of polypropylene, a recyclable thermoplastic polymer that can withstand heat.

Going green is more important than ever. The faster CO2 emissions go down, the faster our planet can be saved. Switching to a more sustainable business takes time, but eco-friendly printing is a good way to start. At HappyPrinting, we care for the world, as well as our customers. We have a "No Waste" policy, by offering Free File Control. We check all the files that are uploaded on our website. This allows us to guarantee the quality. Get your custom products printed here and contribute to an eco-friendly environment.


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